WhatsMySketch recognizes your sketches of 250 everyday objects.

Why is this exciting?

While recognizing objects is easy for humans - even little children can do it - this is still a largely unsolved problem for computers. WhatsMySketch is the first App in the world that solves the problem of sketch recognition and is currently able to recognize about 60% of all sketches correctly. We believe that this technology could be useful as a simple interface to computers, e.g. for illiterate people or children.

WhatsMySketch is available on the AppStore

How does it work?

WhatsMySketch runs state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms right on your iOS device. As you draw, our algorithms transform your sketch into a feature space where we search for the most likely object categories. WhatsMySketch then displays the most likely nine categories with its best guess displayed at the beginning of the list. As our algorithms are extremely fast, WhatsMySketch is interactive and updates its prediction as you add additional strokes to a sketch.

Why is my sketch not recognized?

Try to start with simple sketches, for example a table or a chair. Make sure that you sketch something that is in the list of 250 object categories that WhatsMySketch has been trained to recognize. You could also simply use the objects in the results list as an inspiration for your next sketch. Finally, as computational visual recognition is an extremely challenging problem, WhatsMySketch might simply not recognize some sketches even though they look pretty good to you as a human.

List of objects

WhatsMySketch currently recognizes 250 everyday objects such as car, tree, house, airplane etc. Here is the complete list of objects.